The hunt for a Shortstop….Rangers’ Michael Young ???

The trade of Khalil Greene to the Redbirds has left a gaping hole in the infield for the Padres. Look no further than Texas, where Rangers’ SS Michael Young is unhappy about being asked to move to another position. Here’s a press clipping….

“Rangers shortstop Michael Young asked to be traded after team officials
told him in December that they want him to move to third base,
according to major-league sources.”

Young, 32, does not want to change positions. He was “absolutely livid”
with the Rangers for making such a request just months after American
League managers and coaches voted him a Gold Glove for the first time,
one source said.

The Rangers have been listening to trade proposals for Young, an
All-Star the past five seasons. Young, who is owed about $60 million
over the next five seasons, holds a full no-trade clause. However, he
would rather be traded than displaced for Andrus, who has yet to play
above Class AA, sources said

The Rangers would seek a young third baseman in any trade for Young,
sources said, creating the possibility of a deal with the White Sox,
who could offer Josh Fields, or the Angels, who could offer Brandon
Wood. The Mets and Dodgers also have expressed interest in Young this

Hey, check that out ! The Rangers would seek a young third baseman ! Padres have TWO of them, Kouzmanoff and Headley. This may be the BOLD move the club needs to make and plus it would be a tremendous upgrade from Khalil.

Stay Tuned Padres Fans….


Thoughts on the New Year…..

First and foremost, Happy New Year to all the Padres and baseball fans ! I have been away enjoying the family and relatives during the holiday break as well doing some investing in the stock market which consumed alot of my time. Now, that I got that squared away, I am returning to blog my thoughts on the most recent happenings with the Padres.

It was a sad day when Ex-Padre Trevor Hoffman signed with the Brewers. Trevor was the Icon of the Padres franchise and took over that role once Tony Gwynn had retired. It brought back moments when I was living in Los Angeles and being a Dodger fan for over 10+ yrs as a child, seeing Steve Garvey leaving the Dodgers for San Diego. I hope Trevor has the same impact on the Brewers as Garvey did with the Padres back then. I know, alot of Padres fans are upset at the franchise for allowing Trevor to walk away. But this all boils down to business, could it had been handled better ? Of course, but that’s hindsight ! You have to really think about this, if someone were to offer 4 million dollars to you in these economical times and considering the other extra-curriculum activities ongoing with the franchise. That is nothing to sneeze or complain about. But we are dealing with Ego’s on both sides of the fences. The Padres did what they had to do, as well as Trevor did what he had to do. Now, its time to move on and look towards the future. This is always a silver lining in every downward turn, no pun intended. I sincerely thank Trevor Hoffman for being an outstanding citizen/resident/ballplayer for San Diego. His tremendous work ethic and community efforts will be sorely missed throughout the baseball season. I tip my hat off to Trevor and wish him the very best in Milwaukee.

As for the Padres, from analyzing the roster there are a few more moves to be made. I think around the last week or so in January there will be a few more roster moves. Perhaps one huge trade during Spring Training. I, as a fan, that is a Padres fan is very encourage how things are transpiring with the Padres. -1- The team is on the verge of being sold to Jeff Moorad, -2- The team is getting younger which translates more excitement on the field, -3- The Padres finished last in 2008, therefore there’s no where to go but Up in the standings.

Here are my thoughts on Jeff Moorad, earlier I had posted that perhaps Leigh Steinberg would be a possible candidate to purchase the Padres. It was a longshot call by myself, though it wouldn’t surprise me that if Leigh is one of the handful of members as well. I did some further due diligence on Moorad’s philosophy in regards to baseball operations due to the fact I was concerned about the fate of the Alderson’s regime. Here is something from the D-backs site

…..”For fans, the transition from Moorad to Hall should be seamless.
“I think it’s business as usual,” Hall said. “I think we’ve all had a
shared vision that included providing the fans with the best fan
experience and providing the fans with a team that can win on the
field. That’s not going to change.”

The same could be said for how the baseball operations are expected to
run with general manager Josh Byrnes now reporting to Hall rather than

“Jeff did a terrific job of making sure that he did not micromanage
baseball operations and that certainly won’t change,” Hall said. “We
have experts in that department for a reason and they certainly know
much more about baseball and the players than I do. I’ll be here as a
resource for them and as a sounding board and will help in making
decisions when they need it and otherwise, I rely on them to make all
the decisions to better the team on the field.”…..

That to me sums it all up. Moorad may just let Alderson and his regime follow through with their philosophy and get this organization solid in terms of baseball operations.

The only question I have for myself is which will come first this spring ? Padres 25th win or price of Silver reaching $ 25 per ounce. Stay tuned more to follow on a later date…..Keep up the faith Padres fans !….

Attn: Steinberg, O’Malley and Colangelo…..

It’s about time that Padres Owner John Moores step down as the Owner and puts the franchise up for sale. It was a good run of 15 yrs for Moores and baseball fans in San Diego are very grateful Moores saved baseball in San Diego. As with all good things eventually time comes around when change is necessary and in this special case, Moores has alot on his plate to contend with and should for baseball, San Diego and fan base sell the team. Who would be most capable of acquiring this franchise ? I put forth a small list of three powerful people who I think would have a profound impact on baseball in San Diego.

  • Leigh Steinberg, in the past has tried to bring an expansion football team to Anaheim for the NFL. I think Steinberg has a wonderful opportunity in San Diego, if and only if he is sincerely interested in owning a baseball franchise. I wouldn’t see why not, especially if you consider the locality of the franchise in comparison where Steinberg resides (Orange County). Plus, I would think Steinberg would let the Alderson regime to continue, which would be a HUGE plus in regards to the overall stability of the organization from a front office perspective.
  • Peter O’Malley, had tried to re-acquire the Los Angeles Dodgers a couple of years ago when FOX had put the Dodgers franchise up for sale. I know, this might be a hard sell to both the Padres and Dodgers fans. If you really give some deep thought to this, O’Malley could purchase a franchise far cheaper than the one which he had sold. Having an owner with credibility in MLB which be a huge for not only MLB but for San Diego and O’Malley has international exposure as well.
  • Jerry Colangelo, proven winner in Arizona and developed an expansion organization. Furthermore, Colangelo was the man who put together the Men’s Olympic Basketball team together which won the GOLD in China. If Colangelo can win in Arizona, he could definitely win in San Diego.

All the above are people who can spend $$$ for acquiring talent and they would get a franchise that has alot of upside potential. Here are the reasons:

  • San Diego is a tourist city and many conventions are held here. There will always be some people taking in a game or two while they are in town. If you add the factor if the team is playing well, that would result in more people attending a game.
  • The baseball infrastructure has undergone a major re-haul and is inline to bring a pipeline of good young talent to the parent club. Investments were made to the farm system and international facilities.
  • Petco Park is one of the most comfortable and enjoyable baseball parks in the League. It is very young (5 yrs old) and a few slight minor modifications could enhance the Park.
  • San Diego fan base WILL come to the games if the team is exciting and winning. If you doubt this, go back and take a look at the 96 and 98 seasons. Facts do not lie.

I, as a San Diego Padre fan is still awaiting for that blockbuster deal. Time is on our side and bold franchises do make bold moves.

What Fire Sale?….Padres are bound to get  better….

This past week has been very interesting in San Diego, as the fans had witness Trevor Hoffman era coming to an end and the possibilities of Jake Peavy putting on a different uniform as well. I agree, the Padres could have handled the Hoffman situation far more better then they did. Though, it kinda reminded me of when Larry Lucchino, Dr. Charles Steinberg and Theo Epstein left back in 2002. Basically, right then John Moores had lost his baseball club in regards to well knowledgable baseball people in the Front Office. Basically, Petco Park wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Larry Lucchino and Trevor Hoffman. Both of these two people are well deserving some type of special gratitude for their well deserve and professional services they brought to San Diegans.

Now onto a different topic, the Fans in San Diego have been voicing their displeasure about the possibilities of trading Peavy. During the season, I have been mentioning the Padres need to get better and in order to receive good talent, good talent must be sacrifice. The Padres Front Office is just getting a feel of the net worth of the players on the roster. This is common sense and determine if someone is willing to bite the bait and provide the Padres with additional talent that can make a difference in 09 and following years. I expect to see Khalil Greene, Kevin Kouzmanoff and perhaps Jake Peavy as ex-Padres. Only time will tell, though this Winter season expects to be a very exciting one for San Diegans.

I heard people on XX 1090 (Padres Flag station) ,KNBC 7/39, and Union Tribune voicing their displeasure about the possibilities of having a Triple A club in Petco Park next year as rumors about a 40 million dollar roster continues to fly around San Diego. Let’s talk about facts here now, from 1995 to 2004, the Padres only developed FOUR players (Derek Lee, Xavier Nady, Jake Peavy and Khalil Greene) that are major league caliber. Okay, fast forward to 2005 to 2008, the Alderson’s Regime has produced FOUR players (Will Venable, Chase Headley, Nick Hundley, and Josh Greer). Granted, from 2005-2008, the 1st round draft picks have endured arm injuries (Cesar Carrillo, Nick Schmidt, Matt Bush), but that could of happened to any franchise. It’s just a streak of unfortunate luck, it happens ! So those who feel the Padres Front Office are not close to turning around this organization, surely does not know about baseball. It takes time, enormous time to rebuild and revamp the minor league system. I say this on record, the Padres will be okay for 2009 and 2010 could be contending for NL West Division. All hinges on what transpires in 2008 Winter Season, this is a key off-season in terms of laying down the last piece of the foundation. Sometimes, taking two steps back before taking one huge step forward is necessary. Successfull franchises makes bold moves to become better, they do not sit and rest on their laurels. Give the Alderson’s regime some credit as they are trying to make a difference despite the circumstances they are being handed down from the Owner. We can only hope as fans if Moores needs to sell the team, he does so and moves on. In either case, the Padres will get better, time is on our side and hang in there Fans…..

Why the fuss ? Changes are good….

The past few days, I’ve been reading and
hearing thoughts on the Padres players Peavy, Greene,
Hoffman, and Giles. Alot of fans in San Diego are not very
happy and I do not understand that at all. Why? The team had
just finished the season with 99 loses with those same
players on the team. Change is necessary in order to get
better and the only way to do so is to turn over the roster.
Do not get me wrong, each player noted above are good
players, perhaps one or two past their primes but still good
character and professional athlete’s. Though, the Padres need
to get better and nothing is forever in this game of
baseball. Standing pat as the Padres did last winter will not
be good for the Padres this winter season. Bold moves are
coming and it’s time to be honest, in the long run the Padres
will be better off. I know, for the current moment that’s
really hard for many long standing Padres fans. Though,
rewind back to ’94 when Sheffield was traded to the Marlins
for an unknown pitcher Trevor Hoffman.

Late breaking news…Just In…..

My wife and I decided to re-sign for the 2009 Padres Baseball season. Though, it was not easy decision and we gave up our Chargers season tickets. I believe in the long run, the Padres will become a very good ballclub and I am willing to endure what lies ahead. Baseball has always been a wonderful sport to attend and enjoy in person. It’s America’s past time sport, Apple pies, hot dogs and beer ! Hopefully our season ticket friends (Neal and Carol) will be there as well so we can share some exciting moments in the near future. Okay, so much for rambling on. We still have the Toreros basketball season tickets, not all is lost.

I am glad to see the Padres re-sign OF Brian Giles for 2009, and I anticipate some bold moves in the next three weeks. This team is 2-3 players away from making a run at the division. I know I know that sounds very optimistic, but hey ! I am a season ticket holder.

Big Decisions……

On this fine November day in San Diego, the day after Obama wins the presidential election, I sit here pondering a few things. Change in America is here now and coincidently, change is coming to our Padres too ! One of my long time season ticket friends had decided to forgo their 2009 season tickets. One of their many reasons for not re-signing on for 2009 season is that fact the Padres are entertaining thoughts of trading Peavy. I, myself is watching with great interest in what the Padres will do, before I make a concrete solid decision to re-sign for my season tickets. I expect one or two major trades to come down for the Padres, then I might truly consider re-signing on for 2009 season. Otherwise, I will continue to throw my cash at many Canadian companies selling 50-70% below their market value in the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) that will produce 2x, 3x or 4x returns within the next 6 – 18 months. I might then return after making those outstanding profits.

Anyways, I will be watching very closely to see what unfolds in the next 5 days or so. Hopefully, some outstanding talent will be coming to San Diego via trades. It’s time to make some bold moves, taking a line from Peter Schiff  instead of “Bull moves in a Bear Market” Padres version is “Bold Moves in a Bear Market”  This current Padres front office can ill afford to stand pat after a horrible 2008 season.