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Transition has been completed….

For many of you, who have been my faithful readers I have created a new blog site and I have been publishing content there now. Here’s the addy….


Peavy takes the hill, Play Ball !

On the eve before the Padres 1st Spring
Training game, Padres take on the Mariners. Play Ball ! Ahhh
high blue skies and desert air, it must be time for some

Padres Camp in full speed…..

It’s great to see the boys are back in camp and preparing for the 09 Season which I know will surprise many people, including fans themselves. Currently, I am developing a new blog which will be hosted on my private server and is running right now. Though, I will be doing some upgrades and testing out some functionality. My goal is to have the blog in full production by end of next week. Stay tuned for more information…..

Keep up the faith Padres fans ! 09 is going to be an exciting and surprising one !

Heath Bell Potential Closer Song…….

I had read Geoff Young’s blog post at Ducksnorts Awful Closer Songs and it was a classic ! I would like to add one song to Chris Jaffe at Hardball Times 50 Potential Closer Songs. I had done some due diligence on several artists and came across one song that is very unique. It has a flavor for a closer with an emphasis on being called upon to get one more (out) or (inning). I put together a video and here it is…..

Heath Bell – The Calling

I hope everyone enjoy’s it…..If anyone wishes to know the song, just drop me a comment and I will give out the song title.

Moores pet project shown out the door….

Rewind back to June 2004 during the MLB Draft, moments after the Padres had chosen Matt Bush as the overall # 1 selection. Executives from other organizations and San Diego Padres fans were bewildered about this unknown pick, though only one person knew about Bush. That selection had depicted the BOTTOMING of the John Moores San Diego Padres Franchise in terms of baseball operations. It had an enormous impact from several perspectives of those who knew baseball.

  • The Padres wasted a draft pick and were seen as a Cheap franchise.
  • The collapse of 2008 and no help from that pick of 2004 where products of Justin Verlander, Jered Weaver, Philip Hughes, Stephen Drew, Jeremy Sowers, and Blade Dewitt taken in the first round afterwards had an impact on their respective franchises.
  • Clearly Padres had no discipline baseball operations.

It is so ironic on the week when announced that John Moores is selling the franchise to Jeff Moorad, that Moores hand pick Matt Bush is given his assignment as well. Perhaps a few San Diegans are cringing at hearing the name of Bush. Many it meant one Bush has allowed Wall Street to steal the wealth of many San Diegans and the other Bush singlehandledly stoled the wealth of the Padres Front Office and fans as well. What were the odds beforehand, that the name of Bush would leave a legacy during the same time span ?

The door has closed and it’s about time to cleanse the hands from that huge mistake, move on forward. There is always a silver lining in every dark cloud. Now, let’s digest the current acquisition -Cliff Floyd-, who is a close and dear friend of Mike Cameron. I was at the game when Mike Cameron and Carlos Beltran had collided. The first person to rush to both men was Cliff Floyd. In various reports afterwards, Cameron always stated that Floyd was his man while he was in New York. If you dig deeper, a quality character and very professional player like Mike Cameron to make that statement about Cliff Floyd says alot. I mean alot…I know fans around San Diego thinks that Towers is up to his usual Pic-n-Save routine, but you have to give Towers some credit here. Kevin is trying to stabilize that clubhouse and restore some confidence with high quality and professional ballplayers like Cliff Floyd. Do not get me wrong, I think Floyd can play as well, he still swings a bat that fears opposing pitchers. Floyd is a tremendous upgrade from Tony Clark, because Floyd can play the corner outfield positions as well. Do not be surprise Padres Fans, I think the Padres are going to surprise alot of people ! How can they you might rebuttal ! Well, point blank…alot of San Diegans have already written off the 2009 season and there are no expectations of this ballclub. In simplicity terms, I would imagine an athelete would thrive under those types of conditions and prove everyone they are completely wrong. As with any wise investment in the business world, you look for things that no one knows about or have a lack of confidence in. Under those conditions is where a business investor gets a 5-bagger or 10-bagger for his initial investment. The same can be said here, in baseball terms. No expectations and this team can surprise alot of people, including those in the baseball. You only have to look back at last year….Padres had high expectations and the Giants had no expectations….where did both clubs finished out the year ???….

Enough Said…..Keep up the faith Padres Fans !….

Changing of the guards…..

It’s legit ! Jeff Moorad will become a minority owner of the Padres and will hold the seat of CEO as well. This official begins the first of many phases to come in the eventual end of John Moores legacy as the Owner of the Padres. On one hand I am happy to see some resolution in this matter, though on the other hand I am sad to hear that Sandy Alderson is leaving. The biggest reason why the Padres had a horrible season in 2008 was the lame duck draft pick in 2004 draft that came back to haunt the Padres. This was way before Sandy Alderson arrived onboard and those who should be accountable are John Moores and Kevin Towers.

Whether San Diego Padres baseball fans do not like to hear this, Sandy Alderson had a profound affect on the Padres franchise. Alderson implement a process and held people accountable. The minor league system has been completely re-vamped and is on the verge of producing major league talent. This is far more than what Kevin Towers did from 1995-2004, this is not a knock on Towers but it was evident Towers weakness was building a minor league system. This changing of the guards brings back memories, once again Moores has allowed another prominent baseball executive leave the Padres – Lucchino – and Alderson now. It will not surprise me to see a few baseball people in the Padres re-join Alderson when Sandy re-emerges back in baseball. For now, Jeff Moorad is on the hot-seat and I am curious to see what he will bring to the table per se in terms of baseball philosophy and how much funding will be infuse into the baseball infrastructure and product at the major/minor league levels.

I would like to express my appreciation and well wishes to Sandy Alderson, thanks for instilling creditability/accountability to the San Diego Padres organization. Many people do not truly understand the complexity of overseeing the baseball operations and your legacy has been stamped on this baseball club with the minor league system. When Headley’s, Hundley’s, Blank’s, LeBlanc’s, and Venable’s come through this season or following seasons, you will be most remembered for re-vitalizing the baseball club.


Thank God Baseball Season is here almost……

Being a sports fan and hearing the negativity surrounding the City of San Diego in regards to the Padres and Chargers franchises really gets old fast. So many people complain about Padres CEO Sandy Alderson and Chargers GM AJ Smith that I have to begin to wonder if the sports fans of this city truly understand the value these two men bring to their respective franchises. Let’s be real, the past history of both franchises haven’t been that great, but with all due respect AJ Smith and Sandy Alderson have brought creditability to both franchises. America’s Finest City is yearning to have a Championship and rightfully so. Though, for the most part I think AJ Smith and Sandy Alderson have both franchises headed into the right direction. The fans and some local media are acting like both of these men are horrible. I know controversy sells and it is highly apparent these days. But it’s one thing to be highly controversial and another to take things for granted. All I have to say, if people put forth the effort at how Wall Street is robbing the general public as they do for voicing their displeasure of how San Diego sports franchises are operated. Maybe just maybe, things in USA will get better for us in the long run. Sandy and AJ are doing a great job, they like all other people have faults, but atleast they provide San Diego some good entertainment in terms of their respective franchises. This upcoming 09 Padres season is going to surprise alot of people !

I like the few moves the Padres have been making and the team is shaping to be a good competitive one. Hang in there Padres Fans