About sdpadreguru

Baseball ! Baseball ! America’s National
Pastime ! What can you say about that ! I’ve been involved
with Baseball since a child and played through T-ball, little
leagues and high school. Enjoyed competing against the likes
of John Elway, Brett Saberhagen and other great talented
players who never made it to the big show. Since then, I’ve
taken pleasure to stay abreast with the Game itself. I am
proud to say I once was a Dodger season ticket holder of 6
good seasons and with a job relocation in 1996, I’ve been a
devoted Padres Season ticket holder for 12 years now. Oh do I
hate those Dodgers now, let’s go Padres !!


Software Engineering, Real Estate
investing, Padres Baseball, Chargers Football, Torero’s
Basketball, Jazz and Blues, and the high country of Northern
New Mexico.