Changing of the guards…..

It’s legit ! Jeff Moorad will become a minority owner of the Padres and will hold the seat of CEO as well. This official begins the first of many phases to come in the eventual end of John Moores legacy as the Owner of the Padres. On one hand I am happy to see some resolution in this matter, though on the other hand I am sad to hear that Sandy Alderson is leaving. The biggest reason why the Padres had a horrible season in 2008 was the lame duck draft pick in 2004 draft that came back to haunt the Padres. This was way before Sandy Alderson arrived onboard and those who should be accountable are John Moores and Kevin Towers.

Whether San Diego Padres baseball fans do not like to hear this, Sandy Alderson had a profound affect on the Padres franchise. Alderson implement a process and held people accountable. The minor league system has been completely re-vamped and is on the verge of producing major league talent. This is far more than what Kevin Towers did from 1995-2004, this is not a knock on Towers but it was evident Towers weakness was building a minor league system. This changing of the guards brings back memories, once again Moores has allowed another prominent baseball executive leave the Padres – Lucchino – and Alderson now. It will not surprise me to see a few baseball people in the Padres re-join Alderson when Sandy re-emerges back in baseball. For now, Jeff Moorad is on the hot-seat and I am curious to see what he will bring to the table per se in terms of baseball philosophy and how much funding will be infuse into the baseball infrastructure and product at the major/minor league levels.

I would like to express my appreciation and well wishes to Sandy Alderson, thanks for instilling creditability/accountability to the San Diego Padres organization. Many people do not truly understand the complexity of overseeing the baseball operations and your legacy has been stamped on this baseball club with the minor league system. When Headley’s, Hundley’s, Blank’s, LeBlanc’s, and Venable’s come through this season or following seasons, you will be most remembered for re-vitalizing the baseball club.



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