Thank God Baseball Season is here almost……

Being a sports fan and hearing the negativity surrounding the City of San Diego in regards to the Padres and Chargers franchises really gets old fast. So many people complain about Padres CEO Sandy Alderson and Chargers GM AJ Smith that I have to begin to wonder if the sports fans of this city truly understand the value these two men bring to their respective franchises. Let’s be real, the past history of both franchises haven’t been that great, but with all due respect AJ Smith and Sandy Alderson have brought creditability to both franchises. America’s Finest City is yearning to have a Championship and rightfully so. Though, for the most part I think AJ Smith and Sandy Alderson have both franchises headed into the right direction. The fans and some local media are acting like both of these men are horrible. I know controversy sells and it is highly apparent these days. But it’s one thing to be highly controversial and another to take things for granted. All I have to say, if people put forth the effort at how Wall Street is robbing the general public as they do for voicing their displeasure of how San Diego sports franchises are operated. Maybe just maybe, things in USA will get better for us in the long run. Sandy and AJ are doing a great job, they like all other people have faults, but atleast they provide San Diego some good entertainment in terms of their respective franchises. This upcoming 09 Padres season is going to surprise alot of people !

I like the few moves the Padres have been making and the team is shaping to be a good competitive one. Hang in there Padres Fans


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