Another Big Bopper joining NL West…..

First, it was Manny Ramirez and now it’s Adam Dunn. Both Los Angeles and Arizona are taking advantage of this window of opportunity to show not only their players but fans they are serious in winning this year. I know I am harping on some old news, though I continue to hope the Padres do something rather than roll over on the carpet. Most likely a slim chance the Padres will do anything given their track record over the past three years during the season. Rewind back to the off-season when I had posted on this blog, the Padres should have given some serious consideration in entertaining offers for Khalil Greene and Jake Peavy when their market value were enormous. Something has to give sooner or later, standing pat is no longer a viable option especially when the team is stuck in the cellar and all other teams in the division are getting better.

Brew Crew and Phillies coming to town…..

Two powerful offensive ballclubs are coming into Petco Park this week and the return of Ex-Padre Mike Cameron. I will be glad to see Cameron patrolling CF as Mike has been always a great player to watch. There will be definitely alot of flashbacks in my thoughs when seeing Cameron in the opposition’s uniform. I would like to take a moment and say this….Mike Cameron, thank you very much for your outstanding two years here in San Diego. I was very honored to see a true professional, on and off the field as a Padre. Thank you for the memories and may your dreams of winning a championship come true this year.

I plan on being at all three games when the Brewers are in town. On Friday night, the Phillies lead by Jimmy Rollins and Ryan Howard are in town. As always, the excitement of seeing Ryan Howard will be well worth it. I will be at the game on Saturday night before leaving town for the high country of New Mexico and get re-acquainted with god’s country (white water trip and some hiking).

Hopefully with some luck, I’ll witness some good baseball at Petco…. 


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  1. Kaybee

    I was leaning in the Dodgers favor to win the West, but now we’ll have to see how Dunn fits in the desert. I wish the Padres would make a big move. Right. I’ll be at the game on Thursday, and it will be great to see Cami again. Can you imagine what this club would be like if he was still here? Oh, well. It will be a fun day at the ballpark. Go Padres!
    Kaybee (

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