Lack of movements…..

Bottom line, the Padres made no transactions at the trading deadline. Perhaps, their minds were on Khalil Greene’s situation and that hand of his. Yes, ground hog day again this time it’s Khalil’s hand instead of fingers. Only last year was Khalil’s complete year in terms of physical health and coincidentally was his best season. Once again, bad karma strikes the Padres organization and perhaps going cheap all those years from 1999-2003 are catching up.

Ex-Padres proved to be valuable commodities on the open market…..
It’s great to see Xavier Nady and Jason Bay, both commanded alot of attention on the open market. Ironically, Nady is the same player whom Bruce Bochy deemed not talented enough to start over then declining Ryan Klesko. A few years later, Nady has drawn interest from the Yankees and is placed in the 5th spot in the line-up. Not bad for a player whom was deemed as a bench player during Bochy’s regime. Jason Bay on the other hand, we know what we received for him. Though, now Boston Red Sox are going to make Bay that much better especially with Big Papi in the lineup with Bay. Oh, how ex-Padres were courted and sought after two powerful and established organizations – Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees -.

Neighbors to the North want to win……
This week proved to the Angelenos that Angels and Dodgers truly want to win this year. Both organizations made huge acquisitions and provided their fan base with some high expectations. I am glad to see organization that is willing to enhance their ballclub despite being 11 1/2 games in front of the second place team. Also, give kudos to the Dodgers for going after Manny Ramirez despite having a talented outfield in Ethier, Kemp, Jones, and Pierre.

Back to the Padres…..
I hope this team shows more fire instead of what I had seen on Wednesday night. Now, without Khalil things are going to be more interesting in the field. I can not wait til 2009 or better yet, Aug 9 for Chargers football.


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  1. deansbaseballblog

    I, too, was at the game on Wednesday and was disappointed with our team’s performance. And, while it was good to see Khalil display some emotion for a change, his efforts were misguided. If he’s lost the rest of this year, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the club move him during the off-season.

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