Showing Signs of Life….

May is about to be over and the Padres have shaved off 5 games from the D’backs lead. The Padres have no where to go but up and it appears the moves are paying some dividends along with some hot bats (Kouzmanoff/Greene/Hairston). Left field is still in question as I see the Padres making some move during the month of June. I am looking forward to the draft on Thursday and Friday to see whom the Padres will draft. If I were a betting man, which I am not. I would hedge some funds on the Padres drafting some position players in the early rounds mixed in with some pitchers.

The upcoming homestand is going to a great one. The Cubs, Mets, and Dodgers are coming to Petco Park. Hopefully, the Padres can shave off another 4 games from the D’backs lead and be within 4-5 games out by end of June. Hey Fans !! Didn’t the Bolts started out at 1-3 this past year and made a great run for the AFC Championship Game ? Perhaps, just perhaps, there is something in the making for the 2008 Padres season. Hang in there, Padres Fans. The Front Office is trying to bolster this Padres club.

Keep Your Head in the Game…..

Padres LF Paul McAnulty appeared to lose his focus/concentration when Paul hesitated and threw late to home plate in Friday’s night game. This is not the way to win a starting position on the team. Concentration is a must and knowing how many outs there are is something that should come naturally, especially for a professional. Otherwise, it simply indicates that person is not in the game, per se mentally. It cost the Padres one run and not the game, though extra innings was required to win the ballgame. Little miscues can add up and have an affect on the game. Stay focus and concentrate ! 



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