The chase is ON for the Centerfield Position !

Padres_collage After hearing the prognosis of Padres’ CF Jim Edmonds injury, the Padres have many in-house candidates to take over the center field position. The real question is, do the Padres Front Office have the confidence in the in-house candidates. One of the reasons why the Padres did not re-sign Mike Cameron was the fact, Cameron is going to miss the first 25 games due to suspension. Well, given the track history of Jim Edmonds the past three years, the Front Office had to known the probability of being injured is very high for Jim Edmonds. Currently, the whole outfield has questions and did so, even before Spring Traning started. As I had noted in earlier posts during the Winter Season, as RF Brian Giles is coming off a knee surgery and the open spot in left field, plus questions of Jim Edmonds durability.

Throughout the Winter Season and now in Spring Training, rumors have been flying about regarding the possible return of OF Xavier Nady. Personally, I think Padres will have a stiff competitor for acquiring the services of Nady, in the New York Mets. As of yesterday, Mets learned that Moises Alou will undergo surgery as well. This scenario will only drive up the stakes in terms of acquiring Nady and I having invested interest in the Padres as a season ticket holder, would like to see the Padres retain all of their prospects. Lets give some of the prospects a chance to win the Left and Center field positions. After reviewing the box scores and hearing a few games via radio broadcasts. I feel atleast two to three in-house candidates can get the job done for the Padres. Names like Scott Hairston, Chase Headley, Paul McAnulty, Will Venable and Callix Crabee.

Come on Padres Fans !! It’s not time to panic and let’s watch our prospects come through for us now. This is the 3rd year in the Alderson Regime and I am definitely looking into some dividends paying off in terms of prospects. The Padres have been dealt a Joker in the deck of cards, now it’s  time to find the Ace of Diamonds.

Today, during lunch at Extreme Pizza in Point Loma I met with Yankee’s bullpen catcher from 1933-1941 Joe DiGangi. It was a wonderful experience, shaking hands with a person who collaborated with the likes of Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, Lou Gerig, and Phil Rizzuto.


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