Time to field possible offers for Khalil

The more I think about the current situation with Khalil Greene, the more I think it’s time to explore possibilities of moving Greene. If Khalil is to be traded, then a shortstop in return is a must. Here are the scenario’s I would listen to if the other parties were interested:

  • 4gpksyn5 (1) Khalil Greene to Florida Marlins for Hanley Ramirez, straight up. Hanley can do it all and fits the small ball philosophy with a high .OBP (.386). The question is, are both teams willing to pull off this major blockbuster deal. Personally speaking, I would like to think deal would benefit each club and is a fair one. Something to reflect on is to deal for Marlins’ backup shortstop Alfredo Amezaga. Though, the Padres may want to include a third team to get involved where Khalil could be moved to that third team and players from that third team would go to the Padres. Which would allow the Padres to package some players for Alfredo Amezaga and Josh Willingham.
  • Wilsonjackpbp1(2) Khalil Greene to Pittsburgh Pirates for Jack Wilson and Nate McLouth. Jack could step in at SS and offer solid production offensively/defensively. Nate would give the Padres another solid outfielder who could possibly start in left field. If needed be, the Padres could throw in a pitcher in the likes of Tim Stauffer or Justin Germano to sweeten this deal.

I am sure there would be other possible deals out there, though these are probably the best two that would benefit the Padres. Trading Khalil is highly probable if he does not agree for a multi-year contract soon with the fiscal aware Padres. I just hate when our farmhands leave and have an impact elsewhere. It’s better to grab compensation now, when Khalil’s value is high. The old cliche buy low and sell high.


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