Padres hit the road to Steel Town and Nation’s Capitol

Capt085520fb734f4a0591e638b2694ec69cpadr_1 Argh ! I’ve been away due to job assignment and finally catching up on the Padres ! Glad to be back blogging about my hometown team ! So far 2-1 on this two city road trip and I am expecting nothing less than a 4-2 road trip. Come on fellas, bring it on !

I am glad to see things are heating up in the lumber department for the Padres. CF Mike Cameron is coming around as expected as well as the ROOK at 3B Kevin Kouzmanoff. Only if the big three – Cameron, Gonzalez and Kouzmanoff can remain hot, the Padres should overtake the Bums to the north and become the first place team in the NL West. Though, as I had stated in earlier posts, I am very scared of the Arizona Diamondbacks. I think they are for real, despite what the nay-sayers.

The pitching is looking stronger as each day goes by, Justin Germano? Wow ! A couple of years ago, Justin couldn’t locate his pitch and was getting hammered. What a few years of experience will do for a pitcher’s psyche. I bet the Reds and Phillies are kicking themselves about now. Yes, that Joe Randa trade for P Travis Chick and Justin Germano sure looks great. Way to go KT ! Basically, if I am correct, the Reds having nothing to show for this trade currently. Travis Chick was traded by the Reds to Mariners for LHP Eddie Guardado and cash last July. Guardado is on the 60-day disabled list as of this posting.

The Hensley dilemma or what I referred earlier in another blog’s the "juju". Personally speaking, Clay Hensley will most likely return to the ‘pen’ when he gets his groove back in Portland. When an open spot arises due to unknown foreseeable circumstances, Clay will get the first chance. I feel either way, Clay will solidify the pitching staff that ultimately gives the Padres a bargining chip. I don’t foresee the Padres Front Office trading one of the elite 11 pitchers on the ballclub UNLESS a tremendous proven legit right handed hitting power outfield can be had. Though, back in Portland another relief pitching stud from last year’s ballclub, P Scott Cassidy is pitching outstanding. The depth of the Padres pitching is incredible. Hey Kudos to the Padres Front Office as they signed last years 11th rounder P Matthew Latos. I am so **** excited about the future of this ballclub. The Padres are getting locked and loaded per se in terms of pitching. Though sometimes injuries can play a big part of the organization’s future, such as with the case of P Cesar Carrillo. Speaking of, which leads to the next topic…..

Will the injury to OF Brian Giles become another Clay Hensley scenario? This gives OF Terrmel Sledge and Paul McAnulty, a golden opportunity to showcase their talents at the expense of Brian Giles injury. Oh ! don’t forget OF Jose Cruz Jr, who also will benefit from this as well. It appears the trio will get most of the workload and to date, they have been excelling. I am curious to see how Paul McAnulty fits into the schem. Is this a possible showcasing scenario? To be dangled out there as possible trade bait? Only time will tell, but in the mean I hope Brian Giles recovers quickly as the Padres needs his professional presence in the line-up and clubhouse.

Well, Padres Fans ! this sums it up for now. I’ll be watching the Padres more closely as my hectic schedule as subsided somewhat. Can not wait until next week, when the Bums to the North come crawling in as a second place team to Petco Park !


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