Beat LA ! Beat LA ! Beat LA !

Okay Padres Fans, I know the team came home on a sour note by losing the last two games which could have been easily won. But let’s look at the bright side, the Padres had a .500 roadtrip and I will take that any day as long as Padres win at Petco Park. As the end of April is fast approaching that translates to an analysis of the 2007 Padres.

Starting Pitching:
RHP Jake "Gunslinger" Peavy, what else can Jake do? He’s hit a triple and been pitching like the ACE of the staff we all knew he would be. Last pitching assignment, Jake dealt 16 KO’s and still loss the game. Overall, I give Peavy A+ Grade.

RHP Chris Young, has been on and off, little inconsistent but it’s still too early in the season. One horrible game against the Dodgers, though has been overall mediocre, B Grade.

RHP Clay Hensley, is trying to get rid of the "juju" aka, lack of fielding support and baseball gods testing the mental fortitude of Clay. As a sideline observer, Clay’s stuff is electrifying and hopefully after burning some baseballs he can get rid of the "juju" spirits, D Grade.

RHP Greg Maddux, off to a slow start though is showing signs of himself. Hopefully as the season goes on, he can provide 6 good Innings for the Padres, C Grade.

LHP David "Boomer" Wells, hasn’t found the groove yet just like Maddux. On this end, no concern at all and is waiting til the weather gets hotter for better results, C Grade.

The entire bullpen consisting of Kevin Cameron, Heath "Bullets" Bell, Cla Meredith, Doug Brocail, Scott Linebrink, and Trevor Hoffman, all received A+ Grade. Only blemish so far is the blown save in the Desert by Trevor. But that’s ok, it will happen from time to time.

1B Adrian Gonzalez, the "Franchise" ? He’s only homered 7 times and driven in 23 RBI’s. Maybe the Padres signed him to a long term contract at the right time. I need not to say anymore ! A+ Grade

2B Marcus Giles, the catalyst and a pleasant one at that. Not too shabby for a fella who didn’t feel comfortable at leading off, A+ Grade.

SS Khalil Greene, playing superb in the field and displaying power with authority at the plate. I am expecting huge things from Khalil this year, A Grade.

3B Kevin Kouzmanoff, matching Indians’ 2B Josh Barfield batting average at .125 so far. I guess the deal has been a fair one up to this point. Kevin has been a pleasant surprise at fielding, though I just hope he isn’t the second coming of former Pad’s 3B Sean Burroughs, good field no hit, C- Grade.

LF Terrmel Sledge and Jose Cruz Jr., the latter has been playing very well and is showing some consistency at the plate. Jose has 3 homers so far and with Terrmel’s 2 dingers, that’s a total of 5 from left field. Already more homers from LF spot than last year, A Grade.

CF Mike Cameron, fighting a slump at the plate. Still Mike is so dangerous and I feel he will heat up soon. Maybe the contract extension is playing more on his mind that he is letting others to believe. I do hope the Padres sign him quickly, Cameron is a gamer, C Grade.

RF Brian Giles, okay what’s up with this? His little brother has out-homered Brian. Only one homer from BG isn’t going to do it. BG needs show some pop in that bat of his, though he is still hitting around the .300 level. Left 5 men on base in the last game at Arizona while batting in the 3rd spot, C Grade.

So far are doing as expected, some key hits from Blummer (aka Geoff Blum), B Grade.

Buddy Black has done a wonderful job with the team and seems to have the vote of confidence from his players. There will be peaks and valleys throughout the season as it unfolds, the key is to keep the troops even keel and Buddy has the right demeanor. A Grade.

Those hated rivals from the north are coming into town for a weekend series, argh ! Beat LA ! Beat LA ! Beat LA ! It’s time to sweep the "smog" bums from the north and send their fans crying back home on the drive up along the coast on I-5. What a way to close out the first month of the season ! Can’t ask for more. Come on Padres Fans, get up and clap your hands, yell out…. Beat LA ! Beat LA ! Beat LA !


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