Opening Day by the Bay and Trevor Time!

Hoffman The 2007 San Diego Padres roster has been finalized with no great surprises to the final two roster spots. Now, the games count and I can’t wait for Opening Day on Tuesday at the City by the Bay. People all along during the winter were talking about how former Padres Mgr Bruce Bochy will have an advantage over the Padres when he manages against them. Well, he may have some advantage though I am sure the Padres have some insights to how he manages a game as well. Though, I would like to mentioned one fact that most have overlook or failed to noticed. That is, Padres Mgr Buddy Black had previously been the pitching coach for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim for the past 7 years. Guess who Buddy Black has seen on a consistent basis ? Yup ! that is right Giants LHP Barry Zito. It’s one thing to see a Pitcher during the Interleague sessions versus playing against him on a consistent yearly basis as did the Angels with the A’s. Being a very astute ex-pitching coach, I would imagine Padres’ Mgr Buddy Black has some insights and pointers about Giants LHP Barry Zito. Anyways, it all comes down to the actual players performance between the white lines. All this other stuff is just good to keep the "HYPE" up for us fans. I am looking forward to a great opening series with the Giants. Let’s Go Padres ! Let’s Go Padres !


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