T Minus 3 Days Til Opener

05sdiegopadreslogoAhh Yeah Baby ! Final Four this weekend means that 2007 MLB Season Openers are just around the corner ! CAN YOU DIG IT ?? Okay Okay, we can forget about seeing Mark Madsen dancing while Shaq O’Neill shouted that outloud.

Tomorrow (Sat 31 March), the Padres Top Brass collectively will make some decisions regarding the roster for our 2007 San Diego Padres, Back 2 Back N.L. West Division Champs ! Yes Bums to the north, the Padres are the gunslingers of the Wild Wild West and going for a Three-Peat !

It’s going to be very interesting to see if OF Paul McAnulty or INF Oscar Robles makes the team. Though, it appears that Big Mc is the leading candidate for that final roster spot. Just recently, INF Russell Branyan has been making the Ballparks in Arizona look like some Pony Little-League Fields, by blasting several monstrous homeruns. If you combine Russell’s performance along with Geoff Blum’s steady performance makes Oscar Robles the odd man out. Oscar is a legit major league player and I anticipate him being back on the big league roster before May.

As for the Pitchers, the final spot is coming down between Andrew Brown and Kevin Cameron. If I was a betting man, I would hedge some funds on Kevin Cameron making the staff. Kevin has shown some good stuff during his appearances in Arizona and is fairing better than Andrew Brown. Andrew is out of options and must be placed on waivers and with a fastball in the high 90’s, it would be wise to say alot of teams would place a waiver bid on Andrew. The other alternative the Padres have is to trade Andrew for prospects or a right-handed hitter. The latter is something I don’t see the Padres doing at all.

Well, this wraps up my analysis of the Padres 2007 Spring Training. I will strive to provide some analysis and thoughts, three times per week during the regular season.

UCLA UCLA UCLA ! Go Bruins !!


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