Spring training week 1 wrap up

Bc2007bpadresThe first week of 2007 Spring Training season has concluded with the Padres winding up with a record of 3-4. I like the way things are coming around and how many youngsters are getting a chance to play with the major leaguers. Marcus Giles looks really good at leadoff and there is a good chance Marcus will be the leadoff hitter for the majority of the time during the season. The other Giles, Brian that is, has shown some life and hit a triple the other day against the Angels.

The battle for left field has become an interesting situation on a daily basis. The four candidates, Terrmel Sledge, Paul McAnulty, Jack Cust and Jose Cruz Jr have all shown off their abilities. Though, at the moment (Friday 9 March), Sledge has the edge with his overall offensive performance. Here are the stats, including games on 9 March.

Player          G       AB      R       H       HR       RBI      SB     CS     OBP        SLG        AVG
T Sledge      6        18      3       6       3          7          0         1         .368       .833       .333
P McAnulty   6        14      2       4        1          3          0         1         .412       .500       .286
J Cruz Jr.     4        14      1       3        1          3          0         0         .214       .500       .214
J Cust          6        13      0       4        0          1          0         0         .308       .538       .308 

As you can see, the statistics for the first week during 2007 Padres Spring Training, Sledge has an edge over the other candidates. Though, during the Mighty XX Spring Training shows from Peoria, Padres GM Kevin Towers mentioned the team is still looking for a right handed bat. Interestingly, the candidates are all left handed with the exception of Jose Cruz Jr., who is a switch hitter. As I had posted earlier in the year, there is a right handed OF that could be had for the right price. Yes, I am talking about Indians OF Ben Francisco. Here are Ben’s stats so far in Spring Training with the Tribe:

Player          G       AB      R       H       HR       RBI       SB     CS       OBP      SLG        AVG
B Francisco  7        16      5       7        2          4          1         1        .474       .875      .438

In comparison with Sledge’s stats, those in bold for Ben Francisco depicts where Ben has outperformed Sledge so far. Perhaps, there will be a place for Ben in San Diego if GM Kevin Towers and his staff can pull off a clever trade.

For now, I’ll report back sometime next week before heading out to Peoria !


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